General Description

General Description

Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys Airport (VNY) ranks as one of the world's busiest general aviation airports. Dedicated to noncommercial air travel, VNY averages over 300,000 takeoffs and landings annually. VNY has two parallel runways – one with full instrument landing system – and a FAA tower. The main runway is 8,000 feet in length and the training runway is 4,000 feet long. VNY has a rich history in aviation, hosting record breakers and celebrities over its 90 years in service. To learn more, click here.

In addition, more than 200 businesses are located on the 730-acre airport, including four major fixed-base operators (FBOs): Castle & Cooke Aviation, Clay Lacy Aviation, Jet Aviation, and Signature Flight Support.

These operators provide aircraft storage and parking, aviation fuel, aircraft sales, flight instruction, aircraft charter and aircraft maintenance. Some of the FBOs also serve as major leaseholders of airport property, subletting land and buildings to other airport tenants.

In addition, VNY serves as home to numerous companies that provide aviation support activities such as aircraft repairs, avionics, interior work and other specialized functions.

VNY is one of two airports owned by Los Angeles World Airports, including Los Angeles International Airport. The airport system operates under the direction of a policy-making Board of Airport Commissioners appointed by the Mayor of Los Angeles.

A Regional Approach to Meeting Passenger Demand

VNY plays a crucial role in the Southern California airport system, serving a variety of private, corporate and government aviation needs. By providing a place for general aviation, which encompasses all flying other than scheduled air carrier service or the military, VNY enhances both safety and efficiency at the region's commercial airports.

As part of the regional approach to meeting passenger demand, VNY serves a vital purpose in reducing congestion and diminishing flight delays at Los Angeles International and other nearby airports. Contributing more than $2 billion each year to the Southern California economy, VNY creates jobs, promotes business and provides critical general aviation and emergency services. Business travelers and tourists using private, corporate and charter aircraft benefit from the airport's convenient proximity to city business, recreation and entertainment centers. The airport also provides a base and maintenance facilities for fire, police, air ambulance, search and rescue, and news media aircraft that serve the region.

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