Tenants Information

Flight Training

Facility Type of Flight Training Leasehold Contact Phone Email
Active Pilot Fixed-wing The Park VNY Ari Hovnanyan 818-378-0416 [email protected]
A.F.I.T Fixed-wing The Park VNY John Mowatt 805-402-0116 [email protected]
American Aviation Fixed-wing Signature North Alan Bagamaspad 818-785-7285 [email protected]
Baymark Aviation Fixed-wing Signature North Brian Rosenfeld 818-461-2180 [email protected]
California Flight School Fixed-wing American Aviation Uwe Kerner 818-769-1503 [email protected]
Continental Flight Fixed-wing Southwest Aviation Simon Katzman 818-376-7362 [email protected]
Corsair Aviation Fixed-wing The Park VNY Mike Killian 818-906-4024 [email protected]
Elite Aircraft Fixed-wing The Park VNY Gil Rousseau 818-421-1669 [email protected]
Encore Flight Academy Fixed-wing The Park VNY Alex Abassi 310-962-7669 [email protected]
Group 3 Aviation Helicopter Southwest Aviation Peter Lowry 818-994-9376 [email protected]
Lite Flight Helicopters Helicopter Instrument Signature North Alen Vardumyan 877-335-7038 [email protected]
Mach 1 Aviation Inc. Fixed-wing Signature West Jason Price 818-787-8500 [email protected]
The Flight Academy Fixed-wing The Park VNY Moe Tarakji 832-339-5368 theflightacademycali.com
U.S. Aviators Fixed-wing Signature North Guillermo Perez 818-779-2105 [email protected]
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