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VNY Volunteer Spotlight

Matthew Maher, Public and Community Relations Volunteer

When it comes to volunteering, San Fernando Valley native Matthew Maher has what it takes with a long track record of success. Since November 2017, Matthew has been a tremendous asset to Van Nuys Airport’s (VNY) Public and Community Relations department. He is eager to learn and welcomes all tasks that come his way, demonstrating his attention to detail and commitment to help.

Matthew was introduced to Van Nuys Airport by Tierra del Sol Foundation whose mission is to empower people to fulfil their personal potential. Prior to his current position with VNY, Matthew volunteered for five years with Habitat for Humanity, helping veterans with decent, affordable housing. We invite you to help on our construction sites, in our ReStores, during our special events or behind the scenes in our offices!

Matthew understands and appreciates the value of volunteer opportunities and said, “I’m honored to work with Diana Sanchez. She is a truly influential woman, talented and helpful. I admire and respect her and want to do everything I can to help the department.”

When he is not busy volunteering, Matthew enjoys working out at the gym, being a great big brother to his sister, and a good son caring for his mother. Congratulations and thank you to Matthew for his dedication.

Matthew lives by his inspirational quote of “Dream big, work hard, make it happen.”

Matthew Maher Headshot

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