Van Nuys Airport Newsletter

Taxiway B Work Gets Underway

Work is starting on a $26.3 million, 14-month project to rehabilitate Taxiway B at Van Nuys Airport. The work, which  will ensure a minimum 20-year taxiway lifespan and provide many improvements to the aircraft operating areas, is the first of three projects to rehabilitate both Taxiways A and B at VNY over the next four years. These improvements will be phased to maximize federal grant reimbursements and minimize operational impacts during construction.

The work on Taxiway B is being carefully phased to minimize the number of days that runways and taxiways will be impacted. The airport’s 4,000-foot Runway 16L, which is used mainly by piston aircraft, will be closed for 77 days starting in January, and for a 166-day span starting in early June.  During these times, operations will be directed to the 8,000-foot Runway 16R.

Runway 16R will be temporarily shortened for 73 days starting in late March. During that period, there will be a minimum of 5,000 feet available for aircraft arrivals and 5,209 feet available for aircraft departures.

More information on the project, including the work schedule, is available at

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