Van Nuys Airport Newsletter

Tenants Commit to Solar Power

Seven of VNY's tenant businesses committed to produce sustainable, renewable energy from the sun during an unveiling of Aeroplex/Aerolease Group's solar panel installation in late October.

The 1.5 megawatts (MW) rooftop and canopy installation is the first at any LAWA airport. In addition to the Aeroplex/Aerolease project, VNY has commitments from Castle & Cooke, Clay Lacy Aviation, The Park VNY, Valley Sod Farms, Western Jet Aviation and Woodley LLC to embrace solar-generated power for airport operations. The announced projects are projected to generate approximately 44.6 million kilowatt-hours annually, or enough to power 8,000 homes per year, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 73 million pounds annually.

Upon completion of all seven projects VNY will become one of California’s leading general aviation airports for solar energy production.

The upcoming solar projects include:

  • Valley Sod Farm: 13.8 MW, ground-mount unit, which will become the largest ground-mount solar electric system in the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's service territory in the L.A. Basin.
  • Castle & Cooke: 1.8 MW, rooftop
  • Clay Lacy Aviation: 1.8 MW, rooftop 
  • The Park VNY: 3.3 MW, rooftop and canopy 
  • Western Jet Aviation: 1.5 MW, rooftop and canopy 
  • Woodley LLC: 3.8 MW, rooftop and canopies
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