Van Nuys Airport Newsletter

Spotlight on Anahit Orbelyan, Airport Superintendent of Operations II

Help us welcome Anahit Orbelyan to the Van Nuys Airport Team. Anahit recently joined VNY from LAX where she started with LAWA in 2016 as Airport Superintendent of Operations. She is responsible for a wide variety of airport tasks ensuring safety and compliance in all operations at VNY. Anahit is a welcome new addition to the VNY team, bringing her extensive experience and expertise to manage the airport’s operations. Additionally, she is responsible for responding to emergencies and investigating complaints and interruptions to normal operations.

Previously, Anahit has worked as a duty manager for TBITEC Company at LAX, Operations Supervisor for Lufthansa Airlines, and as a manager for Armenian International Airports. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Yerevan State University and an MBA from Kaplan University.

In her free time, Anahit is adventurous and enjoys skydiving, parasailing, traveling and exploring diversity in food and culture.

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