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VNY Hurricane Relief Efforts Took Flight

In September, Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Pegasus Elite Aviation, Van Nuys Airport Association and Operation Gratitude held an airport-wide relief drive to benefit victims of hurricane-affected areas in Florida, which saw a generous outpouring of donations from the community. 

The collection drive, which ran from September 26 to October 9, received items desperately needed by the communities in hard-hit areas. More than 8,000 items were collected for Foundation 37, a non-profit group out of Port Orange, Florida, which worked to identify the needs of the affected areas. Donations covered a wide variety of essential items, water, and more than 1,000 articles of clothing. Drop-off locations were stationed throughout the airport, including Aeroplex/Aerolease Group, The Park VNY, Signature Flight Support and VNY Administration.

On October 24, the donations were loaded onto an aircraft donated by Pegasus Elite Aviation and flown to Daytona Beach International Airport, where Foundation 37 coordinated receipt and transport to communities surrounding Port Orange and areas within the Florida Keys. 

“Private Aviation is the fastest way to deliver much needed supplies across country for impacted areas,” said Curt Castagna, President of the Van Nuys Airport Association. The aircraft covered the journey from VNY to Daytona Beach quickly and allowed the supplies to reach Foundation 37 soon after arrival.

“When tragedy strikes, we know that our airport community will step up and help out, and that is just what they did for this recent donation drive to help those impacted by the Florida hurricanes,” said Diana Sanchez, Van Nuys Airport Public & Community Relations Director. “Van Nuys Airport, Pegasus Elite Aviation, Van Nuys Airport Association, and Operation Gratitude have each given back in their own unique way, drawing from their resources and engaging their people to make this drive a success. We are so thankful to all who donated to help those in need.”

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