Sustainability Elements

Stormwater Projects

Van Nuys Airport (VNY) stakeholders in collaboration with Los Angeles World Airports have integrated sustainable development practices into millions of dollars of new capital investments on VNY leaseholds. The modernization of VNY over the years has created hundreds of new jobs, created a positive economic impact and has had a positive effect on the environment including the mitigation of storm water runoff from VNY businesses by using an infiltration system.

One of the most essential functions of stormwater management is to control the quantity of runoff. Using an infiltration system comprised of a pretreatment component designed to remove sediment, trash oil, followed by plastic, metal or concrete storage units surrounded by permeable stone creating a high voids storage gallery. Businesses at VNY use underground storage to maximize space. Subsurface infiltration at airports meet the objectives of Low Impact Development (LID) requirements by reducing runoff and recharging groundwater aquifers.

Since 2016, VNY Airport projects have:

  • Mitigated storm water runoff on 53 acres of airport leasehold land.
  • Infiltrated 1,200,000 gallons of water back into the soil.
  • Treated over 300,000 gallons of water.
  • Provides a capacity for 50 - 100-year storms.
  • Eliminates pollution, improving local aquifer supply, and improving pavement management at the VNY Airport.

VNY Water Treatment Projects (2018-2021) (*)

VNY Business Total Land Area Treated (acres) Total Gallons (Infiltration and/or Detention) Total Water Quantity (gallon of treated water) Total Peak Gallons over a 24-hour Period (50-year storm)
Aerolease Associates 8 Acres 167,846 gal 22,083 gal 1,218,746 gal
Signature GSE/ AirCare 3.4 Acres 111,594 gal 9,463 gal 729,906 gal
Signature/Owlines Midfield 6.0 Acres 178,156 gal 19,524 gal 1,186,097 gal
Signature/Bonseph North 4.4 Acres 157,652 gal 43,297 gal 836,460 gal
Prop Park 24.3 Acres 506,625 gal 202,650 gal 4,053,000 gal
Clay Lacy Aviation 6.53 Acres 14,275 gal 15,215 gal 1,039,465 gal
Total: 52.63 Acres 1,228,657 gal 312,232 gal 9,063,674 gal
Note: The Jet Aviation Master Leasehold system is not currently shown in this graph. This new development site would show additional stormwater volume mitigation
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