VNY Airport Advisories

Airport Advisories 2015

Date Title
December-15 2015-43 Airport Ops Landline Back In Service
December-15 2015-42 Airport Ops Landline Out of Service
December-15 2015-41 El Niño Preparations at LAWA
December-15 2015-40 December A Message from the Chief of Operations- El Niño Checklist
December-15 2015-39 December Monthly Runway Closure
December-15 2015-38 TWY A Crack Sealing
December-15 2015-37 FAA MALSR Repairs
November-15 2015-36 VNY Noisier Aircraft Phase Out and Related Noise Abatement Ordinances
November-15 2015-35 TWY A Crack Sealing
November-15 2015-34 Taxiway Bravo Pavement Repairs
November-15 2015-33 November Monthly Closure Cancelled
November-15 2015-32 Wings of Rescue Event-Flyer
October-15 2015-31 Closure for FAA PAPI
October-15 2015-30 October Monthly Closure
October-15 2015-29 October Monthly Closure
September-15 2015-28 Runway Closure Cancelled
September-15 2015-27 Special Event Potential Airport Impacts
September-15 2015-26 Overnight Runway Closures -Cancelled
September-15 2015-25 Observation Area Closed
September-15 2015 2015-24 Tenant Leasehold Pavement Evaluations
September-15 2015-23 RWU 16L-34R Closure Pavement Evaluation
September-15 2015-22 RWY Closure FAA Equip Repair
September-15 2015-21.5 September Monthly RWY Closure
August-15 2015-21 A VPD Message from the VNY Chief of Operations
August-15 2015-20 Taxilane B1 Wash-rack Closure
August-15 2015-19 RWY Closure FAA Equip Repair
August-15 2015-18 Monthly MX RWY Closures -Cancelled
August-15 2015-17 Monthly MX RWY Closure RVSD
July-15 2015-16 Noisier Aircraft Phaseout
August-15 2015-15 Monthly MX RWY Closure -Cancelled
August-15 2015-14 August 2015 Monthly Closures
July-15 2015-13 Sherman Way Tunnel Cleaning
July-15 2015-12 Rubber Removal
July-15 2015-11.5 One Night Closure -Cancelled
July-15 2015-11 One Night Closure
June-15 2015-10.5 Sherman Way Tunnel Update
July-15 2015-10 Monthly Maintenance Closures
June-15 2015-9 RWY 16R closed - PAPI work
June-15 2015-8 June monthly Rwy Closure
May-15 2015-7 RWY 16R34L Closure PAPI Work
May-15 2015-6 TXL B2 paving
May-15 2015-5 Lacy Construction
May-15 2015-4 Sherman Way Tunnel
May-15 2015-3 Waterman Dr paving
May-15 2015-2 Monthly Runway Closures
April-15 2015-1 Crack Sealing
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