VNY Airport Advisories

Airport Advisories 2016

Date Title
December-16 2016-70 Short Runway Closure 16L-34R
December-16 2016-69 Taxilane A4 Concrete Patching Project
December-16 2016-68 Monthly Runway Closure
December-16 2016-67 VNY High Wind and Dust Advisory – December 2016
November-16 2016-66 Monthly Runway Closure – November 2016
October-16 2016-65 Runway 16R-34L RE-OPENED
October-16 2016-64 Runway 16R-34L Closed for a Disabled Aircraft
October-16 2016-63 Monthly Runway Closure – October 2016
September-16 2016-62 VNY Airport Operations Office Phone Line is BACK IN SERVICE
September-16 2016-61 VNY Operations Office Phone Lines out of Service
September-16 2016-60 (TWY A Closure)
September-16 2016-59 Runway Closure Reminder FAA Electrical Upgrade Project
September-16 2016-58 Pavement Rehabilitation Project
September-16 2016-57 APMS Non-Destructive Pavement Testing
September-16 2016-56 Monthly Runway Closure
September-16 2016-55 VNY Temporary Tower in Service
August-16 2016-54 Runway 16R-34L Night Closure –FAA Electrical Project
August-16 2016-53 VNY Airport Advisory Notice (Monthly Runway Closure - August 2016)
July-16 2016-52 VNY Airport Advisory Notice 2016-52 (RWY 16R-34L Closure - FAA VASI Work)
July-16 2016-51 Runway 16R-34L Closure FAA VASI
July-16 2016-50 Monthly Runway Closure
June-16 2016-49 TXL A1 Decommissioned
June-16 2016-48 Monthly Runway Closure - Maintenance
May-16 2016-47 Runway Closure for FAA MALSR Repairs
May-16 2016-46 VNY Taxilane A1 NBAA Event Closureand Diagram
May-16 2016-45 VNY Airport Operations Main Telephone Line Back In Service
May-16 2016-44 VNY Airport Operations Telephone Communications Disruption
May-16 2016-43 Runway 16R-34L Daytime Closure
May-16 2016-42 Runway 16R-34L Three Night Maintenance Closure
May-16 2016-41 Taxiway Alpha Closure
May-16 2016-40 Monthly RWY Closure CANCELLED
May-16 2016-39 Monthly RWY Closure
April-16 2016-38 Special Notice- RWY 16R-34L Declared Dist Rest Overnight Only for MWD Project
April-16 2016-37 Special Notice- RWY 16R-34L Declared Dist Rest for MWD Project
April-16 2016-36 Taxiway Alpha Closure
April-16 2016-35 High Wind Advisory - Closed
April-16 2016-34 High Wind Advisory
April-16 2016 2016-33 Runway 16R-34L Nightly Closure
April-16 2016 2016-32 Monthly RWY Closure
April-16 2016 2016-31 Special Notice- MWD Pipeline Repair Project Impacts
March-16 2016 2016-30 Special Notice- MWD Pipeline Repair Project
March-16 2016-29 Runway 16R-34L Open
March-16 2016-28 Runway 16R-34L Closure
March-16 2016-27 VNY Safety & Security Stand-Down Info Package
March-16 2016-26 TXL B1 Pavement Repairs- Project Extended
March-16 2016-25 Monthly RWY Closure- March 2016
March-16 2016-24 Runway 16L-34R Closure- Pavement Maintenance
March-16 2016-23 Tuesday Night Runway Closures CANCELLED
February-16 2016-22 Taxiway Bravo Crack Sealing
February-16 2016-21 TXL B1 Pavement Repairs
February-16 2016-20 Taxilane B2 Pavement Repairs-Diagram
February-16 2016-19 Clay Lacy Ramp Entrance Designations
February-16 2016-18 Taxilane B1 Pavement Repairs- Aircraft Restriction
February-16 2016-17 East-Side Service Road OPEN
February-16 2016-16 TWY B and N Open
February-16 2016-15 Overnight Runway Closures 2 Nights- Pavement Maintenance
February-16 2016-14 Overnight Runway Closures 3 Nights- Pavement Maintenance
February-16 2016-13 Daily Drive Repaving Project
February-16 2016-12 RWY 16R-34L Closed for Coring
February-16 2016-11 Monthly RWY Closure
January-16 2016-10 East-Side Service Road Extended Closure
January-16 2016-9 TWY B and N Closure
January-16 2016-8 East-Side Service Road Closure
January-16 2016-7 TWY B and N Closure
January-16 2016-6 East-Side Service Road Closure Extended
January-16 2016-5 TWY B and TWY N Closure
January-16 2016-4 Monthly RWY Closure
January-16 2016-3 East-Side Service Road Closure
January-16 2016-2 TWY Bravo Closure For Clay Lacy Throat Construction
January-16 2016-1 RWY 16R-34L Closed For Painting
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